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are you grieving someone who hasn't died?

Have you suffered a break-up but it feels more like someone has literally died? We get it, and your emotional distress is valid. If you're suffering from the loss of your relationship and you need help processing the grief that you are experiencing, sign-up for our FREE mini-class now! We promise, it will be worth it.

This will help you understand and process your grief with grace

Break Free from the relationships that have broken you

The Soul-Ties™ Detox, a program designed by Kenyon + Taccara Martin, is all about helping you heal from the scars of toxic relationships and breaking the toxic cycles of your past. Spend 40-days with us taking back control of your life as we help you detach from toxicity, prepare and equip you to receive HEALTHY love and help you obtain personal peace. ​

About Us

Over the past 7 years, Kenyon Martin has helped thousands of individuals and couples overcome hurt and heartache through very simple yet monumental principles: Education, Accountability,and then Action. Today, he partners with his wife, Taccara, leveraging Kenyon’s education in Theology and Christian Counseling and Taccara’s testimony of “Failure to Freedom” to inspire people to use failure as their personal launchpad to wholeness.

The Master's Class

If you're in the Atlanta area, We Invite You to Experience Our LIVE Soul-Ties™ Healing Classes.

about the book

The Soul-Ties Detox is the FIRST of its kind, 40-day program that will take you on a practical and spiritual journey of recovery from toxic relationships.

additional resources we offer

It's OK if you're not ready to purchase the book yet. We're here to help regardless. We've compiled a lot of information and FREE resources to get you started on your journey to healing.

Podcasts: Tune in Live!

We get hundreds of questions during the week about a myriad of relationship topics–many very similar in nature. So we designed this podcast as a way to answer relationship questions and give practical solutions to help you both heal from and avoid the pains of toxic relationships. Tune in on FB live during our recording at 7:30pm EST OR subscribe to us on iTunes or Soundcloud! Either way, we are happy to have you join us! 

How to Get Over a Break-up

Watch This FREE 3-Part Video Series to Learn What To Do After the Break-Up Breaks You…

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