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“Certified Failure Experts…Our dirt Keeps Us Grounded”

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Kenyon and Taccara Martin are emotional health and wellness experts with a passion for helping people find healing and wholeness after devastating divorces, break-ups or toxic relationships. After overcoming emotional and physical abuse, broken marriages, Kenyon and Taccara are using their platform to help single men and women become emotionally healthy and whole individuals, so they aren’t carrying toxic baggage from one relationship to another.
Leveraging their education in Theology, psychology, and Christian Counseling, together they have designed a one-of-a-kind program to help individuals use their heartbreak as a personal launchpad to wholeness; Journey to Freedom, The Soul-Ties® Detox. Today, their book and program has been used in singles ministries, small groups, book clubs and most recently, their virtual course, to help bring healing to local communities.

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