About Us

"Our Dirt Keeps Us Grounded"

Having overcome failed marriages and relationships, the dynamic duo brings a level of honesty and self-awareness that is RARE in many ministry “brands” today. While the two bring an education in Theology and Christian Counseling, they don’t rest on those accolades to boost their credibility...

Who We Are

These faith-based relationship experts and Certified Failure Experts™, are experts at two things: failing and getting back up again. The two are known, and sometimes criticized, for teaching their audience that battling through life’s challenges will sometimes require MORE than prayer. So when they kept being sought out for advice by people who either couldn’t seem to quite “get it right” in love, or those who were stuck in cycles of abusive and toxic relationships (despite how much they prayed), Kenyon and Taccara knew they had to do something. That something has begun revolutionizing the way people deal with emotional hurt and feelings of brokenness from toxic relationships—their Soul-Ties™ Personal Growth Collection. 

The Soul-Ties™ Personal Growth Collection

Together, the two have written three books,Journey to Freedom: The Soul-Ties™ Detox, Rediscovering Me: The Soul-Ties™ Self-Recovery Journal, and Dating: The Soul-Ties™ Dating Guide. Each book has been designed to lead readers from what begins as one of the most difficult places in life to a place of healing, hope and wholeness. All of the books include exercises that take a very practical yet spiritual approach to healing where readers journey from failure, forward. The Soul-Ties™ Self Recovery Journal and The Soul-Ties™ Dating Guide will be available for pre-order soon!




Podcasts: Tune in Live!

We get hundreds of questions during the week about a myriad of relationship topics–many very similar in nature. So we designed this podcast as a way to answer relationship questions and give practical solutions to help you both heal from and avoid the pains of toxic relationships. Tune in on FB live during our recording at 7:30pm EST OR subscribe to us on iTunes or Soundcloud! Either way, we are happy to have you join us! 

How to Get Over a Break-up

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