Commonly Asked Questions From Program Participants

What Is The Soul-Ties Detox?

The First of its kind, 40-day program that takes readers on a practical yet spiritual journey from the brokenness of Toxic Relationships

Is It Ok to Date During Detox?

This is one of the first questions we get when people begin the program. Listen in to what we tell some of our listeners during one of our Soul Sessions.

I'm Getting a Divorce But I'm Finding it Hard to Let Go...

Divorce requires more than just getting up and “walking it off” and this is what the program is designed to help you with. 

We Weren't Married So Why is it Still So Difficult to Let Go?

Some relationships feel like we’re going through a divorce even if we’ve never walked down the isle. Here’s how we addressed this in a live Q&A…

I've Tried to Leave Toxic People Before But I Still Keep Going Back!!

There are several reasons why we keep going back to toxic relationships…here is one of them

I'm Ready but How Do I Begin to Set Boundaries ?

Boundaries are set for 2 reasons…here’s why….

I'm Not Ready. Ordering this Book Means I'm Admitting It's Over.

When you know you need to…but you’re still not ready…

Break Free from the relationships that have broken you

Join the THOUSANDS who have found freedom using our one-of-a-kind program.