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Broken Relationships

Left Behind: He Moved On Like I Never Existed

By August 21, 2018 October 18th, 2018 No Comments

Tune in on This Episode Where We Answer This Explosive Letter Where the Listener Asks “How Could He Move On Like I Never Existed?!” The letter is posted below.

  1. Left Behind: He Moved On Like I Never Existed

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Dear Kenyon and Taccara Martin,

What do you do when your ex of SEVEN YEARS has a whole new life (with another woman) after only 4-months?! Please tell me cause that is where I am right NOW.


I thought we were in love. I just knew we would last forever. I thought we would end up married, eventually, but he’s always said he wanted to take his time on such a big commitment. SO, I accepted that and made a life with him in every other way. Meaning…we made plans for a future together, we saved money for a future together, we even bought a house for our future…TOGETHER. It got to the point where I just bought a ring to wear on my finger because we literally had everything else that most had in a marriage. And did I mention..WE WERE HAPPY?!?


Until last year.


Suddenly, we began fighting all the time.  I began to feel like he didn’t like me or like he was always disgusted with me or disappointed with me. Over the past year it was like he went from being the man of my dreams to living in a nightmare on elm street. As time went on, he started staying out late. On some nights he didn’t even come home. One time I didn’t see him all weekend and I literally called the police to report him as a missing person. He wouldn’t answer my calls. I didn’t know what else to think other than something happened to him.


When he finally came home, he said he was staying at his mother’s house doing some “soul searching” and came to a tough decision…he didn’t want to be with me any more. He doesn’t love me like he used to. He made a mistake staying with me for so long. He even said he felt like I took some of his best years from him because I was so needy and it made him feel obligated to stay. None of these things are words you would say to a woman you said you’d marry. But he did.


It’s been 4 months since he walked out that door and, not only did he leave me with a mortgage and 2 dogs, he’s created an entire whole life with another woman. She’s friends with one of my co-workers on Facebook I found out that they live together, are planning a future together and are having a baby together. They seem so happy and I’m over here still spinning from it all.


How is it that he is able to move on so EASY after leaving me so broken and feeling betrayed?

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