Help! I’m In Love But He’s Not Ready

As relationship counselors and guides, we have a strong focus on helping individuals heal from toxic relationships while helping couples avoid toxicity within their current relationship. On this week’s episode, we answer a questions from 2 explosive letters that we’ve received from our viewer audience. BOTH ladies are in love with men who have been hurt by their past and are not yet ready for a relationship.

What should they do?

Listen in as Ken & Taccara help these 2 ladies understand what men in these situations truly need and face some hard truths about their dilemmas.

  1. Help! I'm In Love But He's Not Ready

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  • Sharon E Daniels
    November 2, 2017

    When a man walk away from you because he was not ready for a commitment but he get into a new relationship months later and move in with her and plan to marry her but after 8 months he realize he made the wrong decision and he start reaching back out to me. At first I was just there to encourage him and to provide advice but not to fall back and start dealing with him again because I felt some type of way. So he is back in my life but because of the hurt and brokenness now he is preforming like we are a couple by doing everything that couples do however, he is not ready to commit to me but he already know me and he will tell you i have always been by his side never walk away from him. At this point we have been back dating for 6 months but I don’t want to end up with my heart broken if i continue on and he never make me the one and the only one. I guess I just need some advice in what i need to do for my sanity.

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