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The Accidental Side Chick

What would YOU do if you discovered that you were the accidental side chick?

You’ve been dating a wonderful man for months, maybe years and, even though he’s busy and works a lot, he takes such good care of you. He’s a private person so he doesn’t have social media accounts and, even though he’s tired from working so hard, he makes it a point to stop by to see you after work to ensure you know he’s thinking about you….Then, one Sunday morning, you are scrolling Facebook and see “congratulations” on a beautiful wedding picture. Since you and your man have been talking about getting married some day, you can’t help but get excited by simply looking at someone else’s “Big Day.”

But then…you notice that the groom in this picture looks scarily familiar. He looks like your man….so you scroll through the comments just to see if there is a different name written in the tags…But no…that’s when it hits you…like a ton of bricks. You’ve just discovered that you’re the “Accidental Side Chick”…

  1. The Accidental Side Chick

On this week’s episode, we discuss a reoccurring dilemma where women become the “other woman” or “side chick” to no fault of their own. All they did was gave their heart to someone who promised the same in return. We will also provide 7-Key signs that you MAY be dealing with someone who has some “side dealings” with someone else. be sure to leave your voice comments or questions below!

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