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This Is For You If

  • If you keep ending up in toxic relationships and you want to break these addictive cycles…
  • If you’ve been in a toxic relationship and, even though you’ve tried to leave, you feel this addictive “pull” back to them…
  • If You have been badly hurt by people in your life and you need to make sense of and peace with your past…

The Soul-Ties Detox Program is the FIRST of its kind, 40-day program that will take you on a practical and spiritual journey of recovery from toxic relationships.


Now in its second edition, The Soul-Ties Detox book takes readers on a practical yet spiritual journey of recovery from broken and toxic relationships. Using ideas of guided journal therapy, while offering insightful teaching and gut-wrenching realness, Kenyon & Taccara helps readers understand that their tolerance for toxic love was shaped in them long before THIS relationship broke them —and then they are guided through a journey of acknowledgement, acceptance, accountability and forgiveness.

It will challenge EVERYTHING you’ve ever learned about Soul-Ties (how we form bonds with one another), how broken and toxic relationships affect us and how to truly be break free from toxic love attachments. Designed for both individual and small group use, this interactive book will guide you through an authentic detox program where each week promises amazing breakthroughs until you arrive at forgiveness and freedom. With Kenyon and Taccara as your personal guide, discover the wisdom, strategies, mentalities and processes that you will need in order to FINALLY break free from Soul-Ties.

Each Order Also Includes:

  1. One paperback book that includes the journal and workbook.
  2. Soul Sessions Audio Downloads
  3. Access to the private Facebook support group that provides an amazing support from others as well as Kenyon & Taccara!
  4. Access to the weekly exclusive video chapter guides to walk you through each week of your detox journey.
  5. FB Live Q&A to help with your most challenging questions along the way.

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