The Soul-Ties® Detox Course

Spend 8-Weeks with us as we personally guide you through our authentic program that helps you begin the process of healing after devastating divorces, break-ups and toxic/abusive relationships.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

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No Matter How Many Times They Hurt You; No Matter How Many Times You Try to Let Them Go, You Find Yourself Falling in Love with Your Dreams of What COULD be … 

This is 100% normal, if for nothing else than the simple fact that we all fall in love with a vision and a dream for our future. And no matter how many nightmares have come along for the ride, we still can’t help but hold on to the idea of the dream of our happily ever after.

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You Don’t Like The Way You Feel About Yourself When You’re With Them, But You Don’t Believe Anyone Else Will Love You BUT them

Sometimes, they tell us that no one else will love us but them. Other times, we convince ourselves of this based on the the type of “love” we’ve always received…Either way, what ends up happening is that we condemn ourselves to a prison that only we hold the key to.

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You’re Tired of Being Hurt by them, But You Don’t Want to “Lose” Everything You’ve Invested Into Them and The Relationship…

Relationships are investments of the most expensive kind because it’s sometimes harder to get back what was lost emotionally than financially. The dreams of what could be can cause us to over-invest into someone with hopes that they will become everything that we envision them to be. So much so that, even when you find yourself emotionally overdrawn from the hurt and disappointment, you still find yourself refusing to let go because you don’t want someone else to reap the benefits of YOUR hard work and investment.

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You’re Ready to Move Forward, But You Don’t Know Where to Begin…

You’ve resolved in your heart that you no longer care who sees or who knows, you’re just ready to trade your sadness and shame for joy because you KNOW that there HAS to be something better than THIS…


Or even if you’ve begun the Soul-Ties Detox Book and realized it was much heavier than you anticipated…



Everything You Get With The Online Program

YES…You can purchase the book by itself and simply walk through the program at your own pace and in your own way. But, like anything else that requires your time and commitment, there is nothing like having an increased level of accountability and guidance as you journey to your healing. So if you choose to walk through the program with us in our online community, here is what you will get…

The Detox Box

Just added this year, The Soul-Ties Detox Box that includes the Book, a supplemental journal and carefully curated Self-Care items, hand-picked with you and your journey in mind. 

Video Course + Live Q&A

Each week you will have a video guide with interactive assignments, as well as  weekly check-ins/Q&A Sessions so we can answer any questions you have during your journey. 


We provide a judgement-free environment for you to start and finish the program with the level of accountability you need to not just start your journey, but FINISH it with us right by your side.


The greatest success stories that have come out of the program, were from those who had a community surrounding and an understand group supporting them. That’s what you will get with us. 

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