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The Soul-Ties® Detox Book

Experience our 5-phase program that guides you from heartbreak to wholeness after a divorce or devastating break-up.

The Soul-Ties® Quiz

Do you have a Toxic Soul-Tie? Soul-Ties® become traumatic after relationships that were designed to heal hurt us instead. Find out if YOU have a toxic Soul-Tie!

After the Break-Up

Trying to figure out how it is that you can love and miss someone that has also caused you so much pain? It’s called grief and we have a FREE class to help you deal with it.


The Soul-Ties® Detox Course is Back!

Spend 8-Weeks with us as we personally guide you through our authentic program that helps you begin the process of healing after devastating divorces, break-ups and toxic/abusive relationships.

Registration Officially Opens Fall 2018!

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